Grow Your Own


The brief for this website was to create a social media website for people in your local area who are looking to find out what is the best fruit and vegetables to grow for their type of yield, how much room it takes up etc. The demographic was between the older generation and also the younger generation as they would be growing items with their parents.


I wanted to make the user experience as easy to use as possible for the different age groups. The search facility is on all the major pages so they can find the different types of posts based on ranges of fruit and vegetables. The user can keep up to date with posts in their local area and also from further afield.

After testing the wireframes in CogTool I evaluated which layout was going to be the best and quickest for the user to navigate. I also wanted to keep the colour palette and text easy to view as we are dealing with the older generation which could be dealing with eye problems. Users of the younger generation could also be dealing with other accessibility issues which I wish to implement to all the websites I make in the future.


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