3D Exhibition Centre


The task for this piece of coursework was to create an exhibition centre structure that would be built in an open area. I wanted to make it stand out more than a regular building as it would having no other buildings surrounding it. The structure consists of four entrances that have different colours. The vistors ticket will have one of these four colours so they know which entrance they should be going to.


The building consists of four large glass entrances with a different colour attached to each one. I started off by creating the main building structure and then went on to extruding and modelling the four sides. I then went through the inside of the building to make it look even and symmetrical. The textures were created through deciding what was the best look for the building so it would fit in the environment it would be built upon.

I then added in some daylight, other lighting and a camera for situating the building in the correct position for post editing in Photoshop. All the .tif files were then exported to be blended for the final render and a blur filter was added to fix the focal distance.


3D Render